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Keyspace is different than most wallets. We don't have any backend servers (other than the one hosting this static website) and the app has no ads or trackers.

It would have been much easier to build things the typical way, running a node in the cloud and connecting to it through a centralized API. But we did not want to compromise on security, privacy or reliability.

Instead, we implemented the official chia-blockchain and clvm reference code in pure Swift (with the official C++ libraries for proofs of space, verifiable delay functions and BLS signatures). It took a ton of extremely difficult work but we did it and it's already starting to pay off. We're seeing dramatically faster sync speeds than the official wallet, near-instant start up and much lower power consumption. And it enabled us to develop the only fully native Chia wallet apps for iOS and Mac.

That said, we are a tiny team and this is a huge task. If you are able to contribute financially please consider supporting our work!

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Perks for Supporters

In addition to sustaining our continued development and helping us remain independent, supporters get a few perks.

  • Work directly with us to set the development roadmap
  • Early access to extremely cool upcoming features
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling