keyspace follow alice@hackernews

keyspace follow did:chia:1v0xcsu6alar07888yx7jkekzjvg623m48cnnzeufs30xsdqu0kcsshsn34

Profiles can follow other profiles to establish a public social graph:

  "type": "follow",
  "id": "did:chia:1v0xcsu6alar07888yx7jkekzjvg623m48cnnzeufs30xsdqu0kcsshsn34"

A future improvement might be to also include the claimed identites the client was able to validate, for an additional layer of security and auditability. For example, if you come across a profile whose claims have been validated over the past few years by a bunch of people you already follow, you can be pretty sure the profile's claims are valid. Conversely, if a profile's proofs were recently changed and nobody that you follow has confirmed the claim, the client might warn you to be extra careful.